Monday, April 5, 2010

Just arrived home!

I just arrived home yesterday...and have far to go before I get my sleep pattern re adjusted.
I had the time of my life. I met so many wonderful people, relived old (and wonderful memories).
I regret that I could not access my blog (gmail was preventing my access) which, I guess, was due to my location. I wanted so much to maintain my daily notes via the log. I will work on a summative of notes and share with whoever is interested.
I am posting some of the pictures that some of you will want to see.

More Pictures of the Pool in Saigon

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On to Cambodia...

Update from mom:

Flew through Saigon to Siem Reap. Cambodia is amazing...Even the airport is so Cambodia. The driver met me at the airport and brought me to the hote..It is a economy hotel but really nice...People are fantastic. I cooled of in the hotel's pool. It is an endless pool with a waterfall..I could sit on the seat beside the water fall and relax. I had a Diet Coke while watching the Buddist temple next door. Tons of birds (including huming birds) to watch..lots of plants and flowers.

Then I went for a Thai massage for an hour. It was part of the "package deal" with this hotel. It was great....So great that I made an appointment for the next 2 nights with the same girl. It costs $12per hr or $18 per one and a half hour...Unbelievable massage..I will sleep good tonight. After my massage, I went out to dinner..The driver took me and returned me to the hotel. Great food with lots of atmosphere.

Tomorrow, I get up and have breakfast at the hotel and then the driver takes me out. Will convert currency and go to the Angor Wat Ruins! By 3pm or so I should be "way hot" so I will have him drop me off at the market...I will play a short time and then walk back to the hotel for another swim...and then walk back for another massage. I will go to dinner tomorrow night at a place that does a Cambodian dance show. Cambodian dance is really neat!

It has been an amazing trip so far!

Pictures from Saigon & Dalat

A few pictures from mom...
The white house is the house where she lived in Saigon that is now a business. She said it is in wonderful shape, and looks just as she remembers.
The pool is where she swam in as a child, which is no longer a private club, but it is still there and in relly good shape!

The yellow house is where she lived in Dalat. It is not as well cared for as she had hoped, and the gardens are now covered in concrete, but she was happy to find it!

Friday, March 19, 2010

On to Dalat...

This is Olivia again, I got an email from mom today (She seems to have some limited access) so I thought I would post what she sent:

I am in Dalat. Yesterday, I found my home here...Took many pictures...I am unbelievably thrilled that it is still here. Finding everything is like an emotional reunion with my childhood...I also found my school...Found the block with my best friend's home. I will go back to look further tomorrow. I took a jeep ride to some peaks that we use to hike, to look out over the Dalat area. It was very pretty.

Also went to a fabulous pagoda...Buddist...Met a monk that gave me some information. He was an interesting man..spoke softly and little but was quite engaging...I would say that he was American many years ago. I did basic supermarket etc. Today I go on a group tour...just will see general places...Most will be places from my memory bank. I have not done the market yet...but will in the next couple of days.

I'm having a great time...Everything is exceeding my expectations...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hi All~
This is Olivia... Mom is still having trouble logging in to email, Facebook, and her blog, so I thought I would update a bit...

She is having a blast and is so happy to be there! She has had a few days of exploring, through the markets, around town (Saigon), and even found her former home. She said it is now a business, and the guard would not allow her in :-) but it was beautiful, and just how she remembered it, even down to the palm tree in the yard. She has assured me she is taking a lot of pictures, so hopefully she will have a lot to share. She has made a new friend in her waitress from the first day at the hotel, who took her to the grocery store and they are meeting for lunch today.

Today is her final day (day 4) in Saigon and tomorrow morning she flies to Dalat. She is hoping to find her other home there. She has a personal guide to take her around to her list of places she wants to find. She also has a day of formal tours planned, and then 2 "free" days to explore on her own. Then she is off to Cambodia.

I will update some more when I hear from her next! I am sure she will continue to try to log on from each of her stops. Thanks for checking in on her!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

MARCH 13-APRIL 4 2010
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