Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hi All~
This is Olivia... Mom is still having trouble logging in to email, Facebook, and her blog, so I thought I would update a bit...

She is having a blast and is so happy to be there! She has had a few days of exploring, through the markets, around town (Saigon), and even found her former home. She said it is now a business, and the guard would not allow her in :-) but it was beautiful, and just how she remembered it, even down to the palm tree in the yard. She has assured me she is taking a lot of pictures, so hopefully she will have a lot to share. She has made a new friend in her waitress from the first day at the hotel, who took her to the grocery store and they are meeting for lunch today.

Today is her final day (day 4) in Saigon and tomorrow morning she flies to Dalat. She is hoping to find her other home there. She has a personal guide to take her around to her list of places she wants to find. She also has a day of formal tours planned, and then 2 "free" days to explore on her own. Then she is off to Cambodia.

I will update some more when I hear from her next! I am sure she will continue to try to log on from each of her stops. Thanks for checking in on her!


  1. Olivia - Thanks for the update. Some of us were getting a little concerned. Great to hear she found her old home in Saigon and is enjoying her adventures. Also, great the Blog is 'live' again!

  2. Thanks so for the news, Olivia. Now we are in touch with news of your mom. Great to know she found the Saigon homestead and is on her way to find the one in Dalat. I remember that Lizz and I when we were home from Brent we would stay up in what I would call the Penthouse in that Saigon home. Fun! Cannot wait to hear all her adventures.

  3. I don't remember squat about I can't wait to see Judy's pictures which may jog my memory.....Now Dalat's another story...It was a fairy land and we all lived in a castle. Looking forward to going down memory lane when Judy (or Olivia) posts her adventures in Dalat.

  4. Sarah, do your remember all those beautiful flowers in front on the Dalat house? Everyday we would have fresh flowers from that garden. I, too, have many good memories of the Dalat home.Went to Brent HS so did not recall much of the Saigon home. Do remember that Lizz and I had a room at the top (Penthouse) of the Saigon home. Loved those British old movies that we would watch in Dalat. The movies were flown in once a week by the Carbou plane from Saigon, Daddy would run the projector in a small room at another American's home, it would be popcorn and Daddy's CORNY jokes, and fun!