Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On to Cambodia...

Update from mom:

Flew through Saigon to Siem Reap. Cambodia is amazing...Even the airport is so Cambodia. The driver met me at the airport and brought me to the hote..It is a economy hotel but really nice...People are fantastic. I cooled of in the hotel's pool. It is an endless pool with a waterfall..I could sit on the seat beside the water fall and relax. I had a Diet Coke while watching the Buddist temple next door. Tons of birds (including huming birds) to watch..lots of plants and flowers.

Then I went for a Thai massage for an hour. It was part of the "package deal" with this hotel. It was great....So great that I made an appointment for the next 2 nights with the same girl. It costs $12per hr or $18 per one and a half hour...Unbelievable massage..I will sleep good tonight. After my massage, I went out to dinner..The driver took me and returned me to the hotel. Great food with lots of atmosphere.

Tomorrow, I get up and have breakfast at the hotel and then the driver takes me out. Will convert currency and go to the Angor Wat Ruins! By 3pm or so I should be "way hot" so I will have him drop me off at the market...I will play a short time and then walk back to the hotel for another swim...and then walk back for another massage. I will go to dinner tomorrow night at a place that does a Cambodian dance show. Cambodian dance is really neat!

It has been an amazing trip so far!

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